About the Model

Born in the heart of the professional sex addiction “debate,” Dr. Minwalla grew to become a lighthouse, a lightning rod, and now, his work has become the vanishing point for the treatment of infidelity, sex addiction, and compulsive sexual behavior.

Why the Minwalla Model?

The Minwalla Model is different from traditional treatment models in that it:


Remedies the victim-blaming and diagnostic mislabeling of deceptive sexuality victims.


Designates a name for the abuse disorder associated with deceptive sexuality.


Provides effective treatments for abusers, victims, and the relationships injured by deceptive sexuality.


Helps mental health professionals recognize and treat the abusive impacts of deceptive sexuality from an abuse-victim-trauma consciousness.

The Minwalla Model not only addresses problematic sexual behaviors but recognizes and names systemic abuse, sexual entitlement, and sexual oppression. By doing so, it becomes a model of relational justice, gender and sexual illumination, and a social justice movement related to human rights and health.

What is DST & the Minwalla Model?

Deceptive sexuality and trauma (DST) is the proposed new terminology that subsumes and includes the terms compulsive sexual behavior disorder, sexual addiction, sexual and emotional infidelity, post-infidelity trauma, and betrayal trauma.

The Minwalla Model is a clinical psychology and clinical sexology model used to diagnose, treat, and understand clinical symptoms related to DST, utilizing contemporary and innovative approaches to sexuality, gender, abuse, and trauma.

From the hornet’s nest to the vanishing point, the Minwalla Model has had a significant impact on the clinical treatment of sex addiction, compulsive sexuality, infidelity, betrayal trauma, intimate partners, and relationships.

The Minwalla Model defines sexual and gender health as the conscious process towards integrity, intimacy, and integration.

What is ISH?

The Institute for Sexual Health (ISH), a psychology corporation, was founded by Dr. Minwalla in 2009 as one of the first and only treatment centers in the United States to challenge the traditional “co-sex addict” or codependency treatment models and articulate the systemic abuse and trauma therein.

Through extensive experience and applied research, ISH developed clinical interventions and a targeted treatment model for Deceptive Sexuality and Trauma (DST), known as the Minwalla Model.

In 2020, ISH closed the doors as a physical treatment facility to expand online education on DST and the Minwalla Model.

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