Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dr. Minwalla still accept patients for psychological treatment?

Dr. Minwalla no longer accepts patients for psychological treatment. He retired after 20-years of practice in 2020, and now is focusing his energy on web-based professional education and his Be a Better Man Program. He is no longer seeing patients, providing one-on-one treatment, or conducting psychological assessments of any kind. All services provided by Dr. Minwalla and the Institute for Sexual Health (ISH) are now intended to be educational only.

Does ISH currently offer treatment?

The Institute for Sexual Health no longer offers psychological treatment. ISH Health closed its clinical and treatment doors in 2020, and has since emerged as the official educational and resource hub for Deceptive Sexuality and Trauma Treatment and Dr. Minwalla’s teachings and voice.

After years of successfully providing treatment for individuals, intimate partners, relationships, children, and families impacted by Deceptive Sexuality and Trauma (DST), ISH has taken on a new form as an online psychoeducational resource. Any necessary and important inquiries may be directed to [email protected].  Emails are not monitored daily, and neither Dr. Minwalla nor ISH guarantee a response.

What is Psychoeducation?

Psychoeducation interventions involve providing people who have a specific mental health diagnosis or are involved a type of treatment, targeted information about the illness or condition, their specific problems, psychological concepts, and education on treatment and important  information, including education for family members.

Are there any similar programs or psychoeducation by other professionals trained in DSTT ?

Here I Am Becoming: The Sister Course
Trish Haight, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), SEP, NARM, NATouch, AF-EMDR, DSTT, CSAT, CPTT, CCPS is now conducting the same curriculum, separate from ISH as part of her independent private practice called, Here I Am Becoming: The Sister Course for women impacted by deceptive sexuality.

The Secret Sexual Basement: The Illumination Workshop
Sandy Jocoy, LMFT-S, DSTT, CSAT, CPTT, EMDR, and
Jackson Sousa, LMFT-S, DSTT, CSAT-S, CST, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist are now offering a 3-day, in-person psychoeducational workshop for men called, The Secret Sexual Basement: The Illumination Workshop.

Does ISH offer people financial assistance?

Yes. Dr. Minwalla and ISH policy offers financial assistance to suitable and serious candidates on a case-by-case basis.

Is ISH currently offering DSTT Professional Education and Training?

At this time, ISH and Dr. Minwalla are re-envisioning the professional education and training program, including how to present on the grounded theory of IVTT as well as DSTT. Meanwhile, please follow the link below to subscribe to our waiting list and be notified for any updates. DSTT Professional Education and Training – Waiting List.

Professional Education and Training

While we are in the process of putting together a comprehensive program that meets your expectations, we understand that you may be eager to secure your spot and we appreciate your patience.

Please subscribe to the waiting list to ensure that you receive updates and notifications once we have finalized the program.